The Bordeaux Wineschool

Whether you’re a passionate wine lover, a novice, an expert or just curious, the Bordeaux Wine School offers you a voyage of initiation through the wines of the Bordeaux region, without leaving the centre of Brussels!

Ecole du Vin

A must for wine and gastronomy lovers, the Bordeaux Wine School pavilion offers a relaxed overview that will ensure that you never confuse Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, know how to match food and wine and are able to put what you feel and taste into words.

More original and fun than ever, the experiences offered by the Bordeaux Wine School guide novices, enthusiasts and amateurs alike in an extraordinary journey of discovery of the Bordeaux vineyards in the heart of Brussels! Thanks to your PASS and for the duration of the festival, participate in one of our workshops.

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Bordeaux Dating NEW!

Throughout the day, whether in couples, with friends or in small groups, festival-goers will receive precious advice from Bordeaux Wine School guides through personalised mini-workshops that are ideal for interaction and exchange:

  • Tasting initiation
  • Les parfums du Vin
  • The art of ‘assemblage’
  • Choco'Bordeaux X Laurent Gerbaud
  • Cheese and Tchin
  • 30 years of Bordeaux Wine School
  • Bordeaux Blackjack

…it’s an unmissable bespoke experience!