Once again this year, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is cashless thanks to our partner Emisys.

With a cashless system, you decide in advance what you want so spend. It’s a secure payment method, it reduces your waiting time in queues and you can get refunds after the festival (from 09/09/19 to 19/09/19 on this page).

*Besides Wine Passes and freebies


Cost of the refund : 1,00€

From Septembre 9th 2019 to Septembre 19th 2019

*Besides Wine Passes, Wine Glass, Presales and freebies (credits only)

Refunds are closed.

How does it work?

  1. Get yourself a cashless card (available at the ticket offices and reload stations).
  2. (Re)charge your card
    1. At the reload stations
    2. At the ticket offices
    3. With the festival app
    4. With the Payconiq by Bancontact app.
  3. Pay for your food and drinks: Scan your card at the cashless terminal to make the payment.
  4. Get a refund* (from 09/09/19 to 19/09/19) on this page. Cost of the refund: €1
  5. Get your glass deposit at the central bar: 1 glass = 1 credit on your cashless card or €1. All the glasses are consigned.

*Besides Wine Passes, Wine Glass, Presales and freebies (credits only)

Produits Cashless

Tips & Advice

Register your cashless card

As soon as you have your cashless card, it’s strongly recommended that you create your account on the festival app and register your card on it. Registering your card lets you:

  • Check your balance at any time,
  • Recover your balance if you lose your card,
  • Receive live feed notifications about the festival.

Did you buy presale vouchers?

Exchange your presale voucher (printed or on your smartphone) for a cashless card at the ticket offices. Your card will be automatically loaded.

The cashless card can be kept for future editions of the festival. It is reset once the refund period following the festival has passed.

Do you have credits left on your card after the festival?

Get a refund*. From 09/09/19 to 19/09/19 on this page or on the festival app. The refund costs €1.

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