Friday 3 september 2021

Fernand Obb Delicatessen, Old Boy, Cipiace, Julien Hazard Affineur, Ginkgo, Green Lab, Brasserie En Stoemelings

Ixelles, Saint-Gilles and Uccle, which have always enjoyed a variety of cultural influences, are municipalities renowned for the diversity of their culinary offering. Not to be missed are the restyled Belgian street food of Fernand Obb, the Asian sharing dishes of Old Boy, the cucina pugliese of CiPiaCe and, last but not least, the sweet patisserie of Ginkgo and the flavoursome cheeses of Julien Hazard. The cocktails of Green Lab and the beers of En Stoemelings punctuate this evening devoted to “comfort food”.

Doors open at 18:00. Service starts at 18:30 sharp.


Aperitif of your choice


Bergamot infused gin, Thai basil syrup, yuzu, bitters (Green Lab)


Alcohol-free gin infused with bergamot, Thai basil syrup, yuzu (Green Lab)

Beers (Brasserie En Stoemelings)

  • La Cuvée Houdini (6%)
    (Subtle and sour amber beer with pomegranate and citrus juice, peels infused at boiling)
  • La Papy Vandepils (4.5%)
    (true bottom-fermented pilsner lager, more bitter than industrial pilsner lager)
  • La Tanteke (6%)
    (Three-grain season (barley, wheat and oats) and verbena)

Bordeaux Wine:

  • Crémant de Thieuley, Crémant de Bordeaux, 2018 Sparkling white wine (Cora)
  • Château Penin, Bordeaux Rosé, 2019 Rosé wine (Mondovino)
  • Château Peybonhomme Les Tours – Le Blanc, Bordeaux Blanc, 2019 White wine (Pinot)


The Smoke One: Smoked Aubergine Caviar, Espuma de Scamorza, Crispy Pastrami, Arlette Kaffir and Fleur de sel (Fernand Obb Delicatessen, Old Boy, Cipiace)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Rosé de Thieuley, Bordeaux Rosé, 2019 Rosé wine (Cora)


Grey Shrimp Gyoza with Tom Yam broth (Fernand Obb Delicatessen, Old Boy, Cipiace)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Fougas, Côtes de Bourg, 2015 Red wine (Colruyt)

Main Course

Grilled octopus, Datterini tomato cream with honey & caramelised baby onions (Fernand Obb Delicatessen, Old Boy, Cipiace)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Fonreaud, Listrac, 2018 Red wine (De Clerck)


Selection of cheeses by Julien Hazard Affineur

  • Florence 'Karditsel',
  • Fleur du Larzac,
  • Gruyère PDO 'mature cheese from the fort',
  • Cashel blue

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Liot, Sauternes, 2017 Sweet wine (Magnus)


Calamansi & Basil, Lime & Piedmont Hazelnut Tart (Calamansi & Basil Cream, Piedmont Sweet Pastry, Piedmont Hazelnut Crunch, Lime Meringue, Lime Caramel) (Ginkgo)

Fernand Obb Delicatessen

Saint-Gilles. Fast food of exceptional quality,100% Belgian and 100% Cédric, its creator! Fernand Obb (invented name) is the well-renowned winner of the trophy for the best shrimp croquette two years in a row (in 2018 and 2019) but there is more. Blood pudding, gaufrites (potato waffle), real home-made fricadelles (deep-fried minced meat sausage) and street burgers done a thousand times better. They have completely reinvented the fast-food genre and upped the ante!

Old Boy

Ixelles. John Prigogine and Xavier Chen, both of European and Asian heritage, created Old Boy in 2018 intent on offering a modern experience of South-East Asian cuisine. In the kitchen, Alexander Duke and Sylvain Claes revisit the street food of the markets and create sharing plates that take you on a journey between Europe and Asia.


Saint-Gilles. CiPiaCe is a little piece of southern Italy where it feels good to get together over a cocktail or a dish that evokes the simplicity and rustic character of Pugliese cuisine. The ambiance is “come a casa” with Giorgia Giordano and Andrea Petruzzi. Chard, tomatoes, legumes, "orechiette" and also grilled octopus (the restaurant's signature dish). This is an Italy we are unfamiliar with but that can be discovered here. 

Julien Hazard affineur

Uccle. Julien studied philosophy and sees his profession as a fully-fledged science, both human and artisanal.  This farmer's grandson who likes the good things in life stocks the best cheeses from passionate producers and craftsmen he meets all over France and Belgium. It is also in his four cellars that Julien Hazard matures his cheeses, bringing out each of their characters.


Saint-Gilles. After 6 years at Ladurée and 10 years at Fabrice Collignon, Olivier Kasiers launched his own patisserie in 2017.  With his team of artisans, he revisits the great French classics and gives them a little flavoursome twist. Delicate flavour combinations and sophisticated presentation have now established the shop's reputation.  

Green Lab

“There’s something for everyone" is not just an expression for Sophie Fence and Leslie Moreau. They are the founders of Brussels Cocktail Week and are at the helm of the Green Lab, a cocktail bar with a raw steampunk decor and industrial touches. They offer a wide variety of gins and absinthes and the infusions and syrups they use to flavour the cocktails are home-made. 

Brasserie En Stoemelings

Laeken. En Stoemelings is the brewery of Samuel Languy and Denys Van Elewyck, two friends who are passionate about craft beer. They have been brewing together for almost 10 years, first "en stoemelings" (Brussels dialect for 'in secret') and then in a genuine brewery. Their beers revisit Belgium's great classics: triple, white, blonde, amber...