Saturday 11 september 2021

Coquum, La Bonne Chère, Le Monde est Petit, From Comptoir, Cokoa, The Modern Alchemist, No Science Brasserie

Are you a food lover? Then this is the evening for you. The chefs and artisans of the day are enthusiasts of fine cuisine made with raw and seasonal products. An genuine and tasty menu that will please fans of traditional dishes that are reworked with a little twist that makes all the difference. In the kitchen, is the daring Cédric Dassonville (Coquum) the delightful residents of the Marolles neighbourhood at La Bonne Chère, the unshakeable duo Tatiana Guber and Loïc Villers (Le Monde est Petit), the enthusiastic Bénédicte Dartois and Etienne Boissy (From Comptoir), and the sparkling Anaïs Gaudemer (Cokoa). Behind the bar, it will be the trio of The Modern Alchemist for the cocktail and the duo of the brasserie No Science.

Doors open at 18:00. Service starts at 18:30 sharp.


Aperitif of your choice


Mezcal, Rum, Sour Apple/Wakame Cordial, Gentian (aromas: smoky, slightly fruity, hint of iodine and herbs) (The Modern Alchemist)


Apple/Wakame variation, Lapsang Souchong, verjuice (The Modern Alchemist)

Beers (No Science Brasserie)

  • Da Funk (5%)
  • Heavy Porter (6%)
  • Dirty boots IPA (5%)

Bordeaux Wine

  • Crémant de Thieuley, Crémant de Bordeaux, 2018 Sparkling white wine (Cora)
  • Château Penin, Bordeaux Rosé, 2019 Rosé wine (Mondovino)
  • Château Peybonhomme Les Tours – Le Blanc, Bordeaux Blanc, 2019 White wine (Pinot)


Smoked and salted salmon, cucumber, sea lettuce, white onions (Coquum)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Crémant de Thieuley, Crémant de Bordeaux, 2018 sparkling white wine (Cora)


Courgette flower stuffed with crab, ginger, creamy peas and white sesame, Kaffir lime leaves (Le Monde est Petit)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château de la Grave Nectar, Côtes de Bourg, 2016 red wine (Palais du Vin)

Main Course

Duck, Brussels sprouts, light gratin and tamarind juice (La Bonne Chère)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Gaillard, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, 2016 red wine(Sante Wines)


From Comptoir's selection of cheeses "from the sea":

  • Camembert from Normandy PDO (North Sea) & apple crisps,
  • Mistralou goat’s cheese from Provence (Mediterranean) & acacia honey with white truffle,
  • Laruns d'Estives for Bearn and the Atlantic Ocean
  • Vully Reserve for the Canton of Fribourg and Lake Neufchâtel,
  • Seed and fruit bread from Boulengier

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château La Rame, Sainte Croix du Mont, 2017 sweet wine (De Clerck)


Black carbon puffs, white peach and lytchee compote, Umeshu chantilly (Cokoa)


Woluwé-Saint-Pierre. Chef Cédric Dassonville, a Gault&Millau 2020 discovery, is a real character. Originally from Alsace, this young man who has made Brussels his home for the past few years, has invented a daring, raffish, almost brutal cuisine, using ancestral processing and preservation techniques inspired by Asia and Northern Europe.

La Bonne Chère

Brussels. “Dieu donne la viande. Le diable les cuisiniers” (God provides the meat and the devil the chefs), is the slogan that sets the tone. Welcome to La Bonne Chère where indulgence is not a mortal sin. This bistro is located in the heart of the Marolles and managed by a delightful quartet. What is on the menu? Gourmet cuisine made entirely in-house and beautifully presented. Do we dare call it “bistronomic”? Yes we do!

Le Monde est Petit

Etterbeek. A restaurant that has been successful for nearly 20 years. Tatiana Guber in dining area and Loïc Villers in the kitchen are an unshakeable duo and couple in the city. Loïc's cuisine is inventive, classic with a twist and very precise. The meaning of products, cooking, sauces, seasoning and the work of a chef find full expression here. The chef offers us dishes that are flavoursome, finely prepared, comforting and gourmet. 

From Comptoir

Saint-Gilles. Bénédicte Dartois and Etienne Boissy (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) are two cheesemakers. Their shop, which opened a little over a year ago, has won the hearts of the Bruxellois! Bénédicte trained in France in dairy production, while Etienne taught at the Paul Bocuse Institute. Their perfectly matured selection gives pride of place to both French and Belgian products.


Ixelles. Each creation by Anaïs Gaudemer is a pleasure for the taste buds and the eyes. A landscape architect by training, Anaïs creates delicate floral pastries. From seasonal desserts to biscuits, cakes, and macaroons, this bubbly business woman brings delicious, colourful landscapes to life.

The Modern Alchemist

The Modern Alchemist is the place to be for lovers of rum (more than 200 references available) and homemade seasonal cocktails.  Christopher Ducat, Benjamin Deniel and Sébastien Bourdain's, happy trio of barmen, earned their stripes in the best cocktail bars in the capital. It's no wonder that The Modern Alchemist has become a real household name.

Brasserie no Science

Laeken. Maxime Dumay and Manuel Mengoni, who founded Brasserie No Science, have a motto: “No bullshit, only beers”. They showcase a number of "English-style" beers to which they've added their own "Belgian touch": IPAs, Porters, Bitters and Single Hops. The beers of No Science are characterised by their floral bitterness.