Saturday 4 september 2021

Gus, La Charcuterie, Humphrey Restaurant, Le Comptoir du Samson, Laurent Gerbaud, Life is Beautiful, Brasserie L’Annexe

An evening that perfectly illustrates the modernity and diversity of the creative, contemporary offering in Brussels, which continues to be accessible. With the exceptional local products of Ana and Olivier (La Charcuterie), the Philippines-influenced creativity of Glen (Humphrey), the modernity of Gus (and his microbrewery set up in the restaurant), the hyper-locality of the Comptoir du Samson and the “new trend” Belgian chocolate of Laurent Gerbaud.  All of this is accompanied by a delicious cocktail from Harouna (Life is Beautiful) and a beer brewed by Grégoire and Max (Brasserie L’Annexe).

Doors open at 18:00. Service starts at 18:30 sharp.


Aperitif of your choice


Thyme, honey and saffron liqueur, verjuice, grapefruit soda (Life is Beautiful)


Alcohol-free vermouth, alcohol-free bitters, verjuice, orange syrup, oak barrel water (Life is Beautiful)


  • La Rosse Saison (A warm, full-bodied beer like an amber beer)
  • La Saison de Bruxelles (Light amber lager with a hint of bitterness)
  • La Weize Saison (Light amber beer with a touch of coriander, white tea and lemon zest)

Bordeaux Wine

  • Crémant de Thieuley, Crémant de Bordeaux, 2018 Sparkling white wine (Cora)
  • Château Penin, Bordeaux Rosé, 2019 Rosé wine (Mondovino)
  • Château Peybonhomme Les Tours – Le Blanc, Bordeaux Blanc, 2019 White wine (Pinot)


Mackerel in beer escabeche, citrus fruits and IPA vinegar (Gus)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Crémant de Thieuley, Crémant de Bordeaux, 2018 White wine (Cora)


Bouchot Mussels PDO Mont Saint Michel - prepared in the marinière style - Pastis & Noilly Prat, Carpaccio of Matured Galician Beef, in Brine with 7 spices (La Charcuterie)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château de la Grave Grains Fins, Bordeaux Blanc, 2019 White wine (Palais du Vin)

Main Course

Mechelen Inasal Cuckoo (marinated, lacquered and grilled), Humphrey garden vegetables, cocoa nibs (Humphrey Restaurant)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Beauregard Ducasse, Graves, 2016 Red wine (De Clerck)


Selection of cheeses by Le Comptoir du Samson: the 3 Samson milks and the unique and unmissable Belgian PDO:

  • Le Samson aux fleurs (raw cow's milk)
  • Goat camembert (raw goat's milk)
  • Le Patou (raw sheep's milk)
  • Le Herve PDO from Vieux Moulin (raw cow's milk)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing : Château La Rame, Sainte Croix du Mont, 2017 Sweet wine (Magnus)


Dame blanche "to perish": Bourbon vanilla ice cream from Madagascar, Nicaraguan chocolate sauce, whipped cream, dried fruits (Laurent Gerbaud)

Humphrey Restaurant

Brussels. Chef Glen Ramaekers thinks up his dishes in his large open kitchen and infuses them with his personality. You can find some surprising combinations influenced by his Filipino origins. They make a perfect match for the delicious organic vegetables from the incredible garden of Julie De Block, his partner in work and in life.  A menu of intense dishes, which the chef recommends that diners share.

La Charcuterie

Saint-Gilles. Ana and Olivier are the happy owners of a former butcher's shop converted into a delicatessen and “cave à manger” (a combination of a “cave à vins” and a “salle à manger”). They convey their love of high-quality products through dishes to be shared. It is very simple cuisine that prioritises flavour. All the ingredients from the sea and the land are carefully selected from artisans. The little bonus of this shop? You can buy and take away all of the products that you sample. 


Brussels. Gus was born from the meeting of beer and gastronomy. It is run by brewer Aurélien Grodent and chefs Pierre Baeyens (formerly Bon Bon) and Jonathan Delhière (formerly L'Air du Temps). The trio describe themselves as offering a “brassonomic” cuisine i.e. gastronomic dishes with brasserie flavours.  And Aurélien’s craft beers are brewed in the restaurant’s cellar!

Le Comptoir du Samson

Ixelles. At the Comptoir, you will find Hélène and Lara Milan, two sisters of Lebanese origin. They stock the cheeses produced by their uncle, Vincent Verleyen (Fromagerie du Samson), winner of Belgium’s Top Cheesemaker Award in 2014, made exclusively with raw cow’s goat’s and ewe’s milk from the Condroz Namurois region. With such a rich and cosmopolitan family history, they do not hesitate to sometimes pair these local products with eastern spices!

Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier

Brussels. A historian in another life, a chocolate maker in this one and the latest in a family of bakers and pastry chefs, Laurent Gerbaud is a restless, well-travelled soul. It is from faraway lands, particularly Asia, that he brought back the palette of flavours that still influences his creations today. He prides himself on offering a totally natural chocolate that is, just like the chocolate maker himself, intense and comforting. 

Life is Beautiful

Brussels. Life is Beautiful is the joint venture of two enthusiasts: Karoline Vlk and Harouna Saou. Harouna, who works behind the bar, offers a menu that is dotted with personal creations, but also contains great classics. The duo makes it a point of honour to work with products from artisanal distilleries and fresh ingredients.

Brasserie L’Annexe

Saint-Gilles. Grégoire Berthon and Max Lagrillière have been friends since school and both have been passionate about beer since they were old enough to drink it. In 2017, they opened L'Annexe, their own brewery and fermentation facility, where, in addition to beer, they produce other fermented drinks. They work with old recipes that they bring up to date and do not hesitate to market.