Sunday 5 september 2021

La Canne en Ville, Chabrol, San Sablon, From Comptoir, Pâtisserie Sasaki, Edgar’s Flavors, Brasserie de La Mule

Cosmopolitan Brussels, just how we love it. From France, Sophie and Marie, French residents of Schaerbeek (Chabrol) and Etienne (From Comptoir), a former “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” cheesemaker. The local in the group, Kevin, showed he was the boss by hanging a Michelin star on the façade of La Canne en Ville within barely a year. Valerio (San Sablon), with his Italian origins, has aligned himself with the “bowl” concept of San Sablon, while Yasushi brings his very Japanese high standards to French-style patisserie at Sasaki. Teams from Edgar’s Flavor and Brasserie de la Mule will give this event its tempo with their colourful cocktails and thirst-quenching beers.

Doors open at 12:30. Service starts at 13:00 sharp.


Aperitif of your choice


‘Pura Vida (Edgar’s Flavors)
(La Dama Tequila Blanco infused with hibiscus flower, Xila liqueur made from ancho Chile e Cordial de lime and choisya, Edgar's bitters made from citrus fruits, Himalayan pink salt and hibiscus)


Citrus Garden (Edgar’s Flavors)
(Bergamot sencha tea, Cordial lime, grapefruit peel, berries and figs, lemon myrtle essence)

Beers (Brasserie de La Mule)

  • Straight Saison (6%): Seasonal lager with spelt
  • Hefe Weisse (5.5%): Lager

Bordeaux Wine

  • Crémant de Thieuley, Crémant de Bordeaux, 2018 Sparkling white wine (Cora)
  • Château Penin, Bordeaux Rosé, 2019 Rosé wine (Mondovino)
  • Château Peybonhomme Les Tours – Le Blanc, Bordeaux Blanc, 2019 White wine (Pinot)


Brittany sardines marinated in chardonnay vinegar, garden tomatoes of various textures and basil oil (La Canne en Ville)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Saint Hilaire, AOC Graves, 2019 White wine (Biodyvino)


Onion confit, grilled and pickled, Basque sheep cheese mousse, fig, burnt bread (Chabrol)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Couronneau, Bordeaux Supérieur, 2019 Red wine (Santé Wines)

Main Course

Mechelen Cuckoo, burnt aubergine, fermented pepper, strong sage juice (San Sablon)

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château Pontoise Cabarrus, Haut-Médoc, 2016 Red wine (De Clerck)


Selection of cheeses by From Comptoir: Selection of extraordinary European cheeses

  • Plancherin d’arèches goat’s cheese from Beaufortain, Mont d’or type (France),
  • Œillet du Château sheep's cheese from Bergerie d’Acremont (Belgium) & Pipaillon blackcurrant jam
  • Capriccio Nero hard cheese with balsamic vinegar served in crushed form (Italy),
  • Creamy Jersey Blue from Thurgau made from Jersey cow's milk (Switzerland) & spice cake from Burgundy,
  • Seed and fruit bread from Boulengier

Bordeaux Wine Pairing: Château La Rame, Sainte Croix du Mont, 2017 Sweet wine (Magnus)


Coconut pineapple (Exotic mousse, Pineapple confit, Coconut cream, Crunchy feuillantine, Coconut dacquoise, Banana English sauce) (Pâtisserie Yasushi Sasaki)


Schaerbeek. Sophie and Marie are two sisters creating delicious cuisine. Their seasonal menus consistent of purposefully slow-cooked food, with local products and ensuring almost nothing goes to waste.  They convey their passion for superior products and a love of moments shared over a good meal. Chabrol is a friendly place where locals enjoy getting together. 

La Canne en Ville

Ixelles. Don't be fooled by the name above the door, left unchanged for decades. For the past two years, it has been taken over by Kevin Lejeune, ex-prodigy of David Martin (sous-chef in "La Paix" for several years), a consummate talent on the Brussels gastronomy scene. Awarded a Michelin star from his first year, Kevin has all the qualities of a great chef: precision, taste, and ambition!

San Sablon

Brussels. The San Sablon restaurant (where the dishes are strictly served in bowls), the renowned premises of the Sang Hoon Degeimbre family, is today run by chef Valerio Borrerio. Creativity and innovation are his key words in order to continually amaze the taste buds. These unique culinary experiences are underpinned by a perfect mastery of cooking and fermentation techniques. Indeed, each bowl served at San Sablon promises original sensations. 

From Comptoir

Saint-Gilles. Bénédicte Dartois and Etienne Boissy (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), cheesemakers. This shop, which opened a little over a year ago, has won the hearts of the Bruxellois! Bénédicte trained in France in dairy production, while Etienne taught at the Paul Bocuse Institute. Their perfectly matured selection gives pride of place to both French and Belgian products.

Pâtisserie Sasaki

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. Yasushi Sasaki, who has been awarded numerous prestigious titles, is a Japanese pâtissier who excels at French-style patisserie, but with low sugar. He revisits the great classics with ethereal and aesthetic creations including cakes, biscuits, macaroons, jams and pastries, in which the Japanese influence is always present.

Edgar’s Flavors

Edgar is a Frenchman who was named after Edgar Allan Poe. He is passionate about cocktails and especially those based on agave spirits (Tequila & Mezcal). In his bar you'll find some of his own creations, but also classics with a personal touch.

Brasserie de La Mule

Schaerbeek. La Mule, the most recent of the Brussels breweries, moved in to Les Ecuries van de Tram in April 2021. Despite its significant brewing history, it was 60 years since there had been a brewery in the municipality of Schaerbeek. It was Joël Galy, a brewer, who initiated the project. He primarily brews German-style, thirst-quenching canned beers, with very distinctive graphic designs.