Julien Hazard - Julien Hazard Affineur

Friday 6 september

Julien Hazard is a certified cheesemaker and maturing expert who supplies cheese to most of the gourmet restaurants in Brussels. At eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, he has more than three hundred varieties of cheese on offer. Most of them have been carefully matured in the cellars of his shop located at Rue Vanderkindere.


Rue Vanderkindere 137 - 1180 Bruxelles
02/851 89 60

The menu : 

  • Farmhouse Clacbitou (raw goat’s milk, France)
  • Farmhouse Chaource AOP (raw cow’s milk, France)
  • Farmhouse Sarté 14 months (raw cow’s milk, Belgium)
  • Herve "doux" PDO (raw cow’s milk, Belgium)