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Capital and largest city of Ukraine

To really get to know Kyiv, one has to try its cuisine: borscht and home-style sausages, nalyvka and fresh bacon on rye bread, and of course the Carpathian honey. The bouquet of rich tastes will open your heart to a wealth of cultural heritage. Kyiv Welcomes You!

The Ambassador of Kyiv: Kupidon restaurant



Theme: Day of Crimean Tatar cuisine.

  • “Lagman“ (beef, noodles and vegetables soup) served with "Yalta" onion pie.
    Allergens: gluten, eggs.
  • "Plov" (pilaf rice) in the Crimean style (with lamb) and Crimean sweet herbs.


Theme: Day of Kyiv street food.

  • Fried "varenyky" (dumplings with meat) served with vegetable sauce.
    Allergens: gluten, eggs.
  • Mussels "Odessa-Mama" with garlic-cheese sauce, served with cold beet soup “kholodnyk“.
    Allergens: milk, molluscs.


Theme: Day of Old fashion Kyiv Jewish cuisine.

  • “A la gesheft", plate of basic Jewish wedding dishes: “forshmak”(herring salad), eggplant rolls with cheese and garlic, beef liver pate with cranberry sauce.
    Allergens: milk, fish.
  • Duck shawarma with French fries.
    Allergens: gluten.


Theme: Ukrainian wedding day.

  • Plate with typical western Ukrainian wedding specialties (potato pancakes “deruni” with mushrooms, cabbage rolls with chicken, fried cauliflower).
    Allergens: gluten.
  • Vegetarian borscht "Poltava" with smoked prunes, served with a real Ukranian ”salo“ (bacon) and garlic toast.
    Allergens: gluten.