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Capital of Slovenia

Slovenia, located at the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain, is a rising star amongst foodies. In the past years it has attracted a growing number of culinary tourists. Slovenia’s creative chefs are constantly reinventing the country’s culinary tradition, which is amongst other things characterized  by the Balkan cuisine.

The Ambassador of Ljubljana: Jorg Zupan, chef of the restaurant Atelje 



  • Dry aged Slovenian beef tartare, brioche and pickles.
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs.
  • White chocolate ganache, wild blueberries from Pokljuka and tarragon ice cream.
    Allergens: milk, eggs.


  • Orešnik farm goat ricotta tortellini with a vegetable ragout.
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs.
  • Oatmeal and fig panna cotta, chocolate soil, fig leaf ice cream.
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs.


  • Pulled Jezersko lamb roll, spicy cabbage, shrimp heads mayonnaise, crispy onions.
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs, crustaceans.
  • Blackberries, buckwheat cream, salty hazelnut granola.
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs, nuts.


  • Pork ribs, applesauce, cabbage, baby potatoes.
  • Dessert of the day.
    Allergens: ask us.