The Mazowieckie Voivodeship

Thursday 5 september
Friday 6 september
Saturday 7 september
Sunday 8 september

Capital Region of Poland, the country's largest and most populous region

In Mazovia, culinary art is a national tradition. And it's a wonderful surprise! The Masovian table is always well stocked, reflecting its people's generosity of soul. Over the centuries, the Polish lands have been enriched not only by Italian and French cooking but also Tartar, Armenian, Lithuanian, Cossack, Hungarian and Jewish culinary influences.

The Ambassador of Mazovia: a team specifically created for the festival by the Mazowieckie Voivodeship




  • Pork slice with Roquefort sauce and trimmings.
    Allergens: milk.
  • Toast with grilled mackerel.
    Allergens: gluten, fish.


  • Pierogi (Polish ravioli) filled with vegetables and rice, home-made yoghurt sauce.
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs.
  • Nalesniki (Polish pancakes) with forest fruit.
    Allergens: gluten, eggs.


  • Placky ziemniaczane (potato rösti), mushroom sauce.
    Allergens: gluten, eggs.
  • Pierogi Ruskie (ravioli filled with cheese).
    Allergens: gluten, milk, eggs.


  • Pierogi (Polish ravioli) filled with meat.
    Allergens: gluten, eggs.
  • Polish sausage, Roquefort sauce, pickled gherkins, potatoes and mustard.
    Allergens: milk, mustard.