Nikolas Koulepis - Pâtisserie Nikolas Koulepis

Friday 6 september

After a stellar stint at Villa Lorraine and then the restaurants Bouchéry and Notos, Nikolas Koulepis has recently opened his own Greek-inspired patisserie on Rue du Page. Walnuts, pistachios and cinnamon feature heavily in these light and sophisticated artisanal pastries, and the smell of freshly baked Viennese pastries regularly fills this beautiful patisserie.


Rue du page 85, Ixelles 1050
+32 2 514 74 40


The menu :

  • Saragli with nuts (Phyllo paste, butter, nuts)
  • Ekmek Kataifi with pistachio (angel hair soaked in syrup and cinnamon, custard cream, whipped cream and crushed pistachios)
  • Praline-filled profiterole with candied passion fruit
  • Lemon tart, mandarin confit from Chios and Italian meringue (sweet paste, madeleine dough, creamy lemon, mandarin confit and Italian meringue)

Chios is a Greek island well known for tangerines.