Paramaribo District

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Capital and largest city in Suriname

If you are the type of person that likes fusion kitchen, you are in luck. The Surinamese cuisine reflects its cultural diversity. Suriname is home to an incredible array of world cuisines, from India, Java, China, The Netherlands… Better still, the different groups have influenced one another over time, giving rise to a ‘melting pot’. African, Jewish, Portuguese, Lebanese and even Amerindian flavours have been grafted on to Creole roots.

To mention but a few examples, the emblematic dishes are Roti (buttered Indian Chapati, usually filled with chicken, potatoes and vegetables), Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Chinese Bakmi (wheat noodles with pork in soy sauce) and, last but not least, Pom (a kind of meat pie with chicken).

The Ambassador of Paramaribo: TorCuisine, in partnership with the Suriname Chefs Association.



Theme: Indigenous & Maroon.

  • Pepre Watra.
    Indigenous Spicy Fish and Cassava broth served with Cassava bread.
    Allergens: fish, celery.
  • Pinda alesi.
    Maroon Peanut rice along with Ginger Roast chicken and garnishes.
    Allergens: peanuts.


Theme: Caribbean Indian.

  • Indian Snacks.
    Channa, Phulauri, Barra and Mango Chutney.
    Allergens: gluten, mustard, soybeans.
  • Roti.
    Mini Dhaal roti with Chicken Massala and pumpkin chutney.
    Allergens: gluten, mustard, soybeans.


Theme : Creole.

  • Broodje Pom.
    Pommes dasheen casserole along with spicy pickles.
    Allergens: gluten, mustard, soybeans.
  • Moksi Alesi.
    Creole coconut rice and peas along with ginger roast chicken and garnishes.
    Allergens: fish, soybeans.


Theme : Javanese.

  • Saoto
    Javanese galanga land lemongrass infused chicken broth with traditional garnishes.
    Allergens: soybeans.
  • Ayam Jawa, Jawa Bami Goreng , Pitjel & Pinda sambel
    Jawa spiced roast chicken with stir-fry noodles and vegetable salad with tamarind peanut sambal.
    Allergens: gluten, soybeans. Only in the sauce: crustaceans, peanuts.