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Capital of Bulgaria

At the crossroad of many influences, Sofia's cuisine is typical of the Balkans. Mezes, grills and salads are often in evidence in generous platefuls. Bulgarian cuisine isn't limited to the famous yoghurt. It is perpetually reinventing itself.

The Ambassador of Sofia: Laila Fashion Cooking


Every day from Thursday to Sunday

  • Slow-cooked veal roast with field mushrooms.
    Allergens: milk, celery.
  • Roast pork neck filled with garlic, carrots, bacon and gherkins.
    Allergens: milk, celery.

Sauce of your choice

  • Bulgarian style sauce chasseur (gherkin, tomato, onion, carrot and smoked pepper).
  • Oven-cooked gravy sauce.
  • Spicy sauce (tomato, hot pepper, olives and nuts).
    Allergens: nuts.

Side dish of your choice

  • Rice with vegetables (paprika, peas and maize).
  • Caramelized carrots with oven-grilled nuts.
    Allergens: nuts.
  • Potato mash with red onion and mountain herbs.
    Allergens: milk.