Every day, a 100% Brussels-based team offers you an exclusive 5-course menu that includes a choice of aperitif (cocktail, mocktail, Brussels beer or a glass of Bordeaux wine), two starters, a main, a cheese platter, a dessert, 4 glasses of Bordeaux wine and water.

This unique culinary experience is available for €75 per person.

The menus will be revealed soon, but you can already discover some of the teams.

Thursday 02/09 - TEAM 1 :Racines, Brinz'l, Vertige, Julien Hazard Affineur, Cokoa, Cipiace, Brewery L’Ermitage 

Friday 03/09 - TEAM 2 :Fernand Obb Delicatessen, Old Boy, Cipiace, Julien Hazard Affineur, Ginkgo, Green Lab, Brewery En Stoemelings 

Saturday 04/09 - TEAM 3 :Humphrey Restaurant, La Charcuterie, Gus, Le Comptoir du Samson, Laurent Gerbaud, Life is Beautiful, Brewery L’Annexe 

Sunday 05/09 (lunch) - TEAM 4 :Chabrol, La Canne en Ville, San Sablon, From Comptoir, Pâtisserie Sasaki, Edgar’s Flavor, Brewery La Mule 

Monday 06/09 (eat! THE WORLD) - TEAM 5 : Québec, Istanbul, Xi’an, Bruxelles (Vincent Denis Dessert Bar), Ile-de-France (Julien Hazard Affineur), Brasilia, Brewery La Source Beer Co

Tuesday 07/09 (eat! THE WORLD) - TEAM 6 :Quito, Kinshasa, Métropole européenne de Lille (Le Comptoir du Samson), Bruxelles (Vincent Denis Dessert Bar), La Havane, Brewery, En Stoemelings 

Wednesday  08/09 - TEAM 7 :Isabelle Arpin, Osteria Bolognese, Le Tournant, La Fruitière, Vincent Denis Dessert Bar, Yi Chan, Brewery La Source Beer Co 

Thurday 09/09 - TEAM 8 :Rouge Tomate, Barge, Gramm, La Fruitière, Nikolas Koulepis Pâtisserie, Chez Ta Mère, Brewery Cantillon 

Friday 10/09 - TEAM 9 : Sanzaru, Le Rossini, The 1040, Le Comptoir du Samson, Nikolas Koulepis Pâtisserie, Alice Cocktail Bar, Brewery La Senne 

Saturday 11/09 - TEAM 10 :Coquum, La Bonne Chère, Le Monde est petit, From Comptoir, Cokoa, The Modern Alchemist, Brewery No Science